The Italian National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) and the Hermes Center settle a dispute over the application of the AGPL license to GlobaLeaks-based OpenWhistleblowing software

The Italian National Anticorruption Authority (ANAC) and Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights communicate with mutual satisfaction that they have amicably settled a legal dispute regarding the application of the GNU AGPL version 3 license to OpenWhistleblowing, the whistleblowing software for the management reports made available to public administrations by ANAC and derived from the Hermes GlobaLeaks 2.60.144 solution.

The parties agreed on some changes to the code and to the user license adopted by ANAC, which allowed the restoration of adherence to the AGPLv3 license and compliance with the conditions affixed by Hermes to its code to grant the public and free use.

Hermes, owner of the economic rights on the GlobaLeaks code, from which OpenWhistleblowing is derived, therefore publicly declares that the GNU AGPLv3 license is simultaneously fully restored and that ANAC is the licensee of full rights under the same public license.

Those who have downloaded, used and modified OpenWhistleblowing starting from the version originally published by ANAC are invited to adapt their version within a reasonable time to the changes made by ANAC at the same time as the publication of this press release, since the permission of the software authors is conditional. compliance with the AGPLv3 license in the exact terms published by Hermes and ANAC, and therefore it is not possible to use the EUPL license, nor the AGPL v.3 license without the additional additions provided.

ANAC and Hermes Center declare themselves happy with the spirit of collaboration with which the different positions have been reached in the interest of the community and the protection of those who report irregularities in the public sector, thanking the work of the State Attorney’s Office and the defenders who have lent their assistance with competence and dedication and have collaborated to settle the disagreements.

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