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GlobaLeaks is the first open-source whistleblowing software that makes it easy to run an secure, anonymous and censorship-resistant whistleblowing project.


Anonymous whistleblowing can be safe and easy.

GlobaLeaks is a whistleblowing software that empowers individuals to speak out anonymously no matter what their definition of "whistleblowing" is. The organization or individuals running the software are able to customize the platform to best suit their needs. GlobaLeaks is designed with flexibility in mind and it strongly protects the user's privacy and submissions by default.

Many usecases, one software framework.

GlobaLeaks targets at many use cases and it's therefore designed as a framework. Designed with flexibility in mind GlobaLeaks is nowadays adopted worldwide by more thant 40 projects: from independent media to public agencies, from corporations to activists.

Open source, open documentation.

This whistleblowing software is free and open source and uses the AGPL License This lets an open community of users, volunteers, and contributors work together to constantly improve the software and documentation. If you see a problem, create an issue on our ticketing system and help us improve transparency worldwide!

Why is transparency important?

GlobaLeaks strives to increase accountability and transparency in our society. When information that affects the public remains hidden, democracies and their economies cease to function properly.

Start a GlobaLeaks based project. Demand transparency!

We believe the public should demand that governments, corporations and organizations be more accountable for their actions. We believe that the governments and economies that embrace openness will benefit by promoting trust, informing discourse and improving decision-making.

For more information about running your own GlobaLeaks setup read the Installation Guide.

What we are not!

GlobaLeaks is not the new WikiLeaks.

In fact we don't have that much in common. We provide a software framework; they provide a service. We are an open-source community; they're a closed group of individuals operating behind a public face. We do not handle leaked documents; they do.

The GlobaLeaks developers do not want your data.

When you set up a GlobaLeaks platform, you don't become part of a network, but rather just a node on your own. We invite you to report the existence of your whistleblowing site on LeakDirectory, but that's really up to you.

The security of GlobaLeaks is limited.

We do our best to provide very secure software, however it is just software and it cannot protect security and anonymity outside of our Threat Model. GlobaLeaks does not protect against keyloggers or any other threats that compromise a computer's security. Realize that GlobaLeaks cannot stop human errors, it can only make errors less likely.