Alessandro Rodolfi

Alessandro has been supporting the GlobaLeaks project since 2012, particularly by analyzing regulatory issues and working on data protection compliance and information security certifications. He collaborates with Legal Informatics and Cyberspace in the Law Faculty of the University of Milan. His fields of expertise are principally privacy and new technology, ICT audit, cybersecurity, cyber crimes and digital whistleblowing. He is current Compliance Manager.

Fabio Pietrosanti

Fabio co-founded the GlobaLeaks project taking care of the initial organization specifically focusing on fundraising and early deployments. Fundraising, strategy and project development mostly in anticorruption uses of the software have been his primary focus areas over time.

Giovanni Pellerano

Computer engineer and whistleblowing hacktivist, Giovanni is co-author of GlobaLeaks involved in its architectural design since the early stages and has continuously guided and advised contributors and users since 2011. He is current Project Lead.

Rima Sghaier

Rima has been supporting the GlobaLeaks project since 2015 leading localization and outreach efforts, project management and international project development. She is the program manager of Digital Whistleblowing Fund, a small-grant program that enables investigative journalism groups and human rights grassroots organizations to apply to receive financial, operational and strategic support in starting a secure digital whistleblowing initiative. She is current Community Lead and DPO.