Corporate Integrity rules are nowadays mandated and regulated in almost any country, requiring the board and the management to properly implement malpractice prevention procedures. Whistleblowing procedures represent a core and fundamental pillar to preemptively detect and block corporate malpractice from the inside while complying with the national and international laws. Corporations around the world use GlobaLeaks to implement   whistleblowing compliance mechanisms to address compliance challenges that require to respect the continuously updated best practices.In the whistleblowing technology ecosystem, GlobaLeaks is the only solution compliant with ISO 37001 (anti-bribery management systems), which requires that whistleblowers can report anonymously, as highlighted in point 8.9 of section C of the standard. GlobaLeaks
achieves this anonymity through its integration of the Tor technology. Both public and private entities subject to whistleblowing compliance regulations appreciate how easy and cost-effective it is to implement a digital whistleblowing hotline based on GlobaLeaks.

GlobaLeaks is used to make publicly and privately (intranet) reachable whistleblowing websites, implemented at the corporate level for small and large company groups, including multinationals.

In the light of the European Union Whistleblowing Directive, Directive (EU) 2019/1937,  GlobaLeaks represents a robust, cheap, and easy-to-deploy solution for corporations of any size that wish to provide whistleblowers a secure and accessible channel to report malpractice.

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